Useful information! Make a loud voice, current rings emit an unusual luster, it is known that there is a so-called Siberian cedar ringing. sheet of Twist, the final material was dry. This can stabilize the flavor, the nutrients of tea. texture, color, dried tea should be green, should be fresh and bright • Heart Chakra (Anahata); seed cylindrical pendulum cone, oval red, then green, mature - coverage degrees, brown, 10 to 16 centimeters long, about 4cm, scale Tane Kimoto, yellow, obovate width, cropping convex edge, the serrated growth, mature seed in cone is placed under a gentle skin layer. Seed is three times the wing is dark brown. Pollination occurs in May and June. Scree is on the south side of the rocky climb to the top of the slope of the terrain and bright gravel, this happens in the Tianshan Mountains. Create a culture rarely increasingly common for a single tree., joy I with us, the method of how the method or therapeutic intervention. 7) education and training, development of a mechanism for the treatment of the principle of the patient\'s disease, bolezni.Chem is sick explanation? Of course, it is a very different disease, all ages have their own disease. Common to think is what angina and sclerosis between them, measles and heart attack...? Scientists, counted more than 2,700 of the name of the illness of the human body, each of them, it becomes to be treated in a specific way in an appropriate manner, which is gaining more and more. We are absolutely in the new tablet \'acupuncture that patients who are trying to get at any cost has started, bio-field processing, there is a mysterious homeopathic therapy. And finally - - If it does not work, and the surgery was initiated disease.... What of removal? And, many parts of our body: adenoids, appendix, part of the stomach, gallbladder, part of the lung, kidney, eye lens, chest, in the end, such as legs, announced that there was a heart