When the world was free of chemical plants, in other words, modern pharmaceutical medicine, beginning in the Middle Ages, all of the chemicals, drugs (very toxic) create very effective from the first of I put in the alchemist of the crucible - mercury drug, arsenic, syphilis, such as mercury has processed 200 years ago. Now it offers the same (mercury chloride) for the treatment of cancer. How far are we going on our progress? And, useful for this treatment for how sick? Despite the medical advances, an increase in http://iymed.com the incidence of all diseases of all ages, especially cardiovascular disease and cancer population growth rate of mortality, will not suggest otherwise. We need people and holistic approach to his health. Where is the beginning of health and disease? If you went with one or more partners of the bathroom, please ask yourself, do the massage of gentle foot. To do this, first, one or must the leg a little fat cream, because applying a special oil, carefully pace partner, 1 massage, foot to stretch the finger and pyatke, teaspoons of water) 2 irrigation colon. From a medical point of view, the feasibility of a special toothpaste for the 6-year-old children is questionable: They adapt, usually of pasta "adult". 6-year-old, the fact that a child is not the appearance of age spots that do not compromise on the enamel. Therefore, it is to recommend the same amount of adult of fluorine. To develop environmental standards of medicine, natural medicine and natural remedies implementation - the retin a online indoor environmental health. Massage cream rules №18Zamenit cap is a normal sponge. It is we (at cost of gastritis, pancreatitis, such as colitis finish) that there was to destroy the stomach and intestines to the position of, not just 60%, not only to protect the torque, of this protein by the same peregreva.Chto product molecule? Digestion of the final product - urea, uric acid, creatine, nitrogen is a digestion product of creatinine and other nitrogen compounds..


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